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The Only thing that looks good on me is you Acordes

Bryan Adams


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The Only thing that looks good on me is you

Áño: 1996 - Álbum: The Best of Me

	  Intro:  D C G (4x) 
1.          D                       C    G
Well, I don't look good in no Armani suits,
        D                 C      G
    no Gucci shoes, or designer boots.
           D                         C    G
    I've tried the latest lines from A to C,
                 D                         C       G
    But there's just one thing that looks good on me.
D                     C    - G
    The only thing I want,   
D                     C     - G  D                        C      - G
    the only thing I need,             the only thing I choose,
         F                                ~ ~      D
    the only thing that looks good on me - - - is you.
      C- G    D - C - G               D                 C       G
2.                           I'm not satisfied with Versace's style,
               D                           C        G
    put those patent leather pants in the circular file.
     D                            C       G
    Sometimes I think I might be lookin' good,
                 D                   C               G
    but there's only one thing that fits me like it should.
   + REF. +   - C- G    D - C - G
                 F                     C                         Bb
    Yeah,  it's you, it could only be you, nobody else will ever      do.
                      F               A                 
    Yeah,  baby it's    you, that I stick to, yeah!      
D-C         G          D - C - G
       We stick like glue.               + REFRAIN    + REFRAIN ....
    ( Ais = Bb)

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