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Áño: 1996 - Álbum: 18 Til I Die

Tono:  G6 Más
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Whatcha wanna be when you grow up?
Whatcha    gonna do when your time is up?
Whatcha gonna say when things go wrong?
Whatcha     wanna do when you're on your own?
Verse 1:
There's a road.
Long and winding;
The lights are blinding,
But it gets there
Don't give up, don't look back.
There's a silver lining,
It's out there somewhere.
C/G                       D/G
Everybody wants an answer,
Everybody needs a friend;
C/E           D/F#            G
We all need a shining star on which we can depend.
         Bm                Em7         C
And so tonight we're gonna wish upon a star 
            D             G
We've never wished upon before. -To find what you're looking for-

Verse 2:(same chords as before)
There'll be times in your life, yeah.
When you' be dancin' 'n' shit
But you ain't gettin' it.
But don't get disillusioned.
No, don't expect too much.
Cuz if wht you have is all you can get,
Just keep tryin' - it just ain't happened yet.
Everybody wants a winner.
Everybody has a dream.
We all need a shining star
When things ain't what they seem.
So tonight we're gonna wish upon a star
We've never wished upon before.  -Gotta get where you're headed for-

Verse 3:
D/G        C/G          G 
C/G                             D/G
Everybody wants some kindness.
Everybody needs a break
C/E           D/F#
We all need a shining star
When things get hard to take.
     Bm                Em7         C
So tonight we're gonna wish upon a star 
            D             G
We've never wished upon before.
       Bm                Em7         C
Yeah tonight we're gonna wish upon a star
            D             G6          Am4/G            
We've never wished upon before.

Ending:(repeat 3 times and fade)
G6/9     Am4/G          

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