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Somebody Acordes

Bryan Adams


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Áño: 1984 - Álbum: So Far So Good

(Adams / Vallance)

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	  Intro: F-G   F-G   F-G  - Am 
   F G        F     G 
1.   I've  been lookin' for someone,     between the fire and the flame, 
F  G Am 
    we're all lookin' for somethin' to ease the pain. 
F         G        F     G 
    Now, who can you turn to,      when it's all black and white, 
F G      Am 
     and the winners are losers, you see it every night. 

G Am C - D G I need somebody, somebody like you, Am C - D everybody needs somebody. G Am C - D G I need somebody, hey, what about you, Am C - D everybody needs somebody.
F-G F-G F-G - Am F G F G 2. When you're out on the front line, and you're watchin' them fall, F G Am doesn't take long to realize, it ain't worth fightin' for. F G F G I thought I saw the Madonna, when you walked in the room, F G Am and your eyes were like diamonds, and they cut right through, oh they cut right through.
G Am C - D G I need somebody, somebody like you Am C - D Everybody needs somebody. G Am C - D G I need somebody, hey what about you. Am C - D We all need somebody
F-G F-G F-G - Am Bb C Another night, another lesson learned, Bb C it's the distance that keeps us sane. Bb C But when the silence leads to sorrow, D We do it all again, all again. + REFRAIN 1 + REFRAIN 2 + .....


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