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Coming Home

Áño: 1981 - Álbum: You Want It, You Got It

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|C |F | (4x) 

C                      Am 
All those nights I've spent alone 
F               G 
Uninspired, so tired and wasted 
C                               Am 
There's lots of times I'd have telephoned 
F                    G 
I couldn't find the words to say 

C F I'm coming home C F Lord I'm coming home
Verse C I'll make it short Am I'll make it sweet F G Make it up to you and me C Am I'm not the same guy I used to be F G What can I do to make you believe
C F I'm coming home C F Oh I'm coming home C F I'm coming home C F Yeah I'm coming home
Bridge G# A# Only seems like yesterday G# A# You and I were sayin' goodbye F G Now I'm just a few miles away F G Gonna see you tonight Instrumental |C |F | (4x) Verse C Am I've been alone and I live the pain F G Reach for you in desperation C Am I was wrong, I'll take the blame F G I need you back now I just can't wait
C F I'm coming home C F Yeah I'm coming home C F Coming home C I'm just coming, coming F Waiting it out C F C I'm just coming home F C Waiting it out now F Ohh C F Coming home C F Ohh coming home

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