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Put A Girl In It Acordes

Brooks And Dunn

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Put A Girl In It

	  Intro: (B) (Bsus4) x 4  

(B) You can buy you a brand new truck 
Chrome it all out - Jack it way up 
(B) You can build you a house - up high on a hill 
With a pool & a pond & a view to kill 
(F#) You can make all the money in sight 
But (A) you ain't livin' the (E) good life 

 Til' you put a (B) girl in it 
 You ain't got nothing 
 What's it all worth 
 Without a little lovin' 
 Put a girl in it 
 Some huggin' and some kissin' 
 If your (F#) world's got something missin' 
 Just put a (B) girl in it 

You can buy a boat & a shiny set of skis 
Have some fun in the sun - Float around in the breeze 
You can lay out on a blanket by the lake 
Drink a cold beer, polish off another day 
Kick on back & watch the sky turn red 
But a sunset ain't a sunset 

Repeat Chorus 


(F#) You can write you a country song 
The DJ won't put it on 
They won't dance or sing along 

Repeat Chorus 

(B) If you're ridin' in your truck 
Put a girl in it 
(B) If you're gonna have a party 
Put a girl in it 
(B) If ya wanna live the good life 
Better put a girl in it 

Fade Out

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