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Long Goodbye Acordes

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Long Goodbye

	  Key of Ab: tune down 1/2 step, play in A 
|:A |F#m |E |D :| 
   A                           F#m                            E 
I know they say if you love somebody you should set them free 
                        D                      A 
But it sure is hard to do it sure is hard to do 
                                  F#m                              E 
I know they say if you don't come back again then it's meant to be 
                            D                                   C 
Those words don't pull me through cause I'm still in love with you 
              Am                     G 
I spend each day here waiting for a miracle 
 F            Dm                  C                      B 
But it's just you and me goin' through the mill climbin' up a hill 
 A                         F#m 
This is the long goodbye somebody tell me why 
Two lovers in love can't make it  
  D                                      A 
Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart 
No matter how hard I try I always make you cry 
Come on, baby, it's over let's face it 
 D                    E                     A  F#m  E  D 
All that's happening here is a long goodbye 
  A                              F#m                          E 
Sometimes I ask my heart did we really give our love a chance 
                      D                         A 
But I know without a doubt we turned it inside out 
                                F#m           E 
And if we walked away it would make more sense 
                      D                                 C 
But it tears me up inside just to think we could still try 
              Am                    G 
How long must we keep running on a carousel 
F                Dm                       C            B 
Goin' round and round and never getting anywhere on a wing and prayer 
|:A |F#m |E |D :| 


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