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I Am That Man

Song Submission - I Am That Man - Brooks and Dunn, Borderline CD. 
Written By:  Terry McBride and Monty Powell 
Transcribed By J Reiss 
This song modulates between the keys of A and D as it progresses.   
D Bm G A D  
E You put your C#m}heart up on a {D}shelf 
{E}I know it's C#m hard to be by your{D}self 
You need some{E}one that's {A}true and {D}strong 
Baby some{E}one just came a{A}long 
I {D}am that Bm man, You're {G}trying to {A}find 
I {D}am that Bm man, You had in mi F#m {G}nd A 
And {G}I'll give you {A}all my love 
{D}'Til you under{Bm}stand 
I won't give {G}up, 'Cause I {A}know, I D am 
E Talk is C#m cheap, it ain't worth a D dime 
E So don't talk to C#m me, just give me some {D}time 
I'm gonna E show you what {A}love can {D}be 
My job won't be E done until you be{A}lieve 
CHORUS 2X and out 


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