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God Must Be Busy

Capo en el 2º traste
	   (To Match Recording) 

Intro: (G) (Em) (D) (C) 

That (G) anchorman 
Says they're (Em7) fightin' again 
Somewhere in the (D) Middle East 
The world (C) prays for peace 
There's a (G) single mom 
Just (Em7) got laid off 
Went and lost her job 
To some (D) foreign hands - in some (C) far away land 
Last (C) night in Oklahoma 
Some (C) twister took 13 
And they're (C) praying that they find the missing (D) 3 
God must be (G) busy 

That highway sign 
Went from slow ahead 
To traffic's dead 
Thought it couldn't get worse 
Then that Amber alert 
They say she's four 
Colorado plates 
Headed out of state 
In a Chevy van 
It's hard to understand 
You can see it in the faces 
Of all those highway strangers 
They're praying that God keeps that girl from danger 
God must be busy 

  I (F) know in the big picture 
  I'm (D) just a speck of (G) sand (G/B)  
  And (C) God's got better things to do 
  Than (D) look out for one (G) man 
  I (F) know he's heard my (C) prayers 
  'Cause (Cm7) he hears every(Em7)thing  
  He (Am) just ain't answered back 
  Or he'd (C) bring you back to (D) me 
  God must be (G) busy 

That evening news 
Ain't much changed 
Pretty much the same 
Since I left home 
Yeah, that war's still on 
They found that little girl 
She was soaking wet 
Half scared to death 
On the side of some road 
Them prayers work ya know 
And the bloods & crips are at it 
And there's a killer drought down south 
And old folks can't afford the drugs they can't live without 
God must be busy 


That (G) anchorman 
Says the fighting's worse 
(Em) Cities burn in the (D) Middle East 
(No Chord) The world prays for peace (G)

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