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Brooks And Dunn

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Cowboy Town

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	  Intro: (G) (C) (G) (C) (G) (C) (G) 

(G) Dirt, Mud, and Dust 
(C) Bibles and (G) Beer 
Outlaws, Barb Wire, (C) Saddles, and (G) Steers 
It's a simple life, Oh it's (C) sacred (G) ground. 
Hard times, High winds (C) can't bring us (G) down 

 In (C) cowboy (G) town, yeah (C) cowboy (G) town 
 thats (C) where I'm (G) from 
 (D) Cowboy (G) town 

We wear our boots to dinner  
Drive our trucks to church 
Solid as a rock 
Salt of the earth 
We like our whiskey strong 
Play our music loud 
Get things done by the sweat of our brow 

Repeat Chorus 
  (Em) Winners, Losers, (D) Sinners and Saints 
  It's where a (C) good man's word is (G) money in the bank 
  (Em) Bad boys, pretty girls is the (D) name of the game 
  When ya (C) hit the ground, get up, shake off the (D) pain 
  (No Chord) That's a cowboy town 


Someday when I die and my soul is called home 
High on a white horse I'll ride up on it 
That golden chute will stand old St. Pete 
He'll tip his hat and welcome me 

To (C) cowboy (G) town, oh (C) cowboy (G) town 
Son, (C) come on (G) in to (D) cowboy (G) town 
I'm gonna (C) live and (G) die (D) 
In cowboy (G) town

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