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Italian Lightning

	  Bb F Gm Eb 
The central boys landed safely  
In the arms of the Irish girls 
While the hometown lots ready their nooses and their knots 
Hang their preconceptions on 
While the political lions and tigers and bears 
Decided which of the cubs they’d be crucifying 
And who’ll take the fall at the end of it all 
They’ll just say it was Italian lightning 

Now Mary she wakes up achin’ 
From them long nights with the fashionistas 
Who were deadly as strangers and lovely as angels 
And always just dyin’ to meet ya 
My country what have you done to your girls? 
The devil at the details or something a bit more exciting 
And you can find them at the mirrors and on the weights of the scales 
Blame it all on Italian lightning 

Now me I just stick to the boardwalk 
Driving up and down these Avenues 
I found some work on LaRainne 
Thanks to little Irish Grace 
I was hard up and home for the season 
I was walkin last night with Miss Mary 
We saw the flames shootin right out of them buildings 
Maybe it was time, maybe it was despair 
That got up in the soul of that city 

Since the ferris wheels don’t spin and the casinos cavin’ in 
Maybe she never healed from the riots or the fightin 
But I heard ya, Wiggs, qoutin' Davish sayin 
“Maybe it was just Italian lightning, probably Italian 

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