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Adoration Acordes

Brenton Brown



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	  G                          D  
We bow our hearts, we lift our hands  
   Em                   C  
we turn our eyes to you again  
       G                D  
And we surrender to the truth  
     Em                  C  
that all we need is found in You  
                Gsus G D  
Receive our adoration  
                Em C  
Jesus lamb of God  
                Gsus G D  
Receive our adoration,  
                     Em C  
how wonderful you are  
G                     D  
We choose to leave it all behind  
    Em                        C  
and turn our eyes towards the prize  
     G                    D  
the upward call of God in Christ  
    Em                         C  
you have our hearts, Lord take our lives  
                Gsus G D                 Em C  
Receive our adoration    Jesus lamb of God  
                Gsus G D                      Em C  
Receive our adoration    how wonderful you are  
Every soul you've saved sings out  
                       C          G  
everything you've made resounds  
all creation's standing now  
                 C    G  
lifting up your name  
We're joining in the angel's song  
                                C   G  
we're gathered to your ancient throne  
children in our Father's arms  
shouting out your praise  


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