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I'm Giving You Praise Acordes

Bonnie Deuschle



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I'm Giving You Praise


There not a word   
That I know can express  
	 E			  B  
All that Your love has done for me   
C#m			  A  
There not a song, that I know I can sing  
	  E			     B  
That can capture what You really mean to me   

         C#m                          A  
But I know I created to carry Your praise   
      C                                    B7sus4      B  
Let all that is within me say   

E I'm giving You praise B/D# I'm giving You worship C#m A I'm giving You all that in my heart E I'm giving You praise B/D# I'm giving You worship C#m A Jesus receive this sacrifice
BRIDGE C#m Here I stand A E B I lift my hand to You Jesus C#m With no shame A B7sus4 I call Your name O Lord Jesus

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