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Framboise Acordes




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	  verse 1 

D         A 
Tu es bourgeoise 

         D           A 
Presque comme une framboise 

       Bm A       Bm   A 
I can tell mademoiselle 

            D                A 
That you’re too red to be sunburnt 

        D            A 
What it is i can’t discern 

        Bm           A 
And it makes you uncomfortable 

     Bm         A         D 
To think of yourself this way 

verse 2 
D            A 
Tu n’es pas fait main 

        D             A 
Rassis comme le vieux pain 

      Bm A         Bm  A 
I can see c’est la vie 

            D                 A 
That you’re quiet and you’re pure 

            D               A 
And now you hang your head demur 

       Bm              A 
And it makes you an atheist 

    Bm          A         D 
To think of yourself this way 

Bm A Sitting on the bottom of the shelf Bm A She’s missing all the pieces of herself G D G D Am i patient am i kind or am i wasting time Bm A Counting out her blessings one by some Bm A She’s rounding down to several minus one G D G D Am i patient am i kind or am i wasting time D Bm A Bm A Oooohhhh oh oh oh,
verse 3 D A Tu es dans un pot D A La fleur fane trop tot Bm A Bm A I thought you knew c’est du deja vu D A You demand to know how far D A But you never left and you’ve been starred Bm A And it makes you feel infinite Bm A D To think of yourself this way Refrain 1st verse and Chorus

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