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The Lincoln Park Inn Acordes

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The Lincoln Park Inn

	     G                                                  C     C/B   Am 
My name's in the paper where I took the boy scouts to hike 
   D                                                  G 
My hands're all dirty from working on my little boy's bike 
    G                                               C    C/B  Am 
The preacher came by and I talked for a minute with him 
   D                                                      G 
My wife's in the kitchen and Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn  

C G And I know why she's there I've been there before A7 D But I made her a promise that I wouldn't cheat anymore G C C/B Am I tried to ignore it but I know she's in there my friend D G My mind's on a number and Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn
Next Sunday it's my turn to speak to the young people's class They expect answers to all of the questions they ask What would they say if I spoke of the modern day sins And all of the Margie?s at all of the Lincoln Park Inns Key change to A: A D D/F# Bm The bike is all fixed and my little boy's in bed asleep E A His little old puppy is curled in a ball at my feet A D D/F# Bm My wife's baking cookies to feed to the Bridge Club again E A I'm almost out of cigarettes and Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn And I know why she's there

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