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Depp Water

(Jon Ginoli)

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	  C                   F    C 
I'm - drifting into Deep Water 
I'm starting to care for you 
C                       F       C 
You're getting me in Deep Water 
  G                    C 
Be careful what you do. 
G                       D 
You want a romance, but I'm seekin' love 
                   D7              G7 
I know I'll regret it when it ends 
C                   F    C 
I'm - windin' up in Deep Water 
    G                C 
Why can't we just be friends... 

It's - restless in this Deep Water 
I'm lost between right and wrong 
My love is true as Deep Water 
Your love won't last as long. 

Where will it lead me and where will it end 
I can't help but wish I only knew 
I'm - windin' up in Deep Water 
So deep in love with you. 

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