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You angel You Acordes

Bob Dylan

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You angel You

Áño: 1985 - Álbum: Biograph

 C   F     C
You angel you
            F          C
You got me under your wing
             Em           F       G
The way you walk and the way you talk
   F            G      C
I feel I could almost sing
You angel you
You're as fine as anything's fine
I just want to watch you talk
With your memory of my mind  

F C And Lord, I can't sleep at night for trying Em F G Yes, I never did feel this way before C Em F G Never did get up and walk the floor C Em F G If this is love, then give me more and more and more and more
You angel you, You're as fine as can be The way you walk and the way you talk Is the way it ought to be Instrumental Chorus You angel you You got me under your wings The way you walk and the way you talk I sware it would make me sing Chorus C F C You angel you

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