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Went To See The Gypsy

Áño: 1970 - Álbum: New Morning


C/E G/D | Am                G          C/G G  
            Went to see the gypsy 
Am                    G      C/G G  C/G G 
   Staying in a big hotel 
Am                               G   
   He smiled when he saw me coming 
And he wished me well 

D                        G      C/G G  C/G G 
   His room was dark and crowded 
Am                         G      C/G G  C/G G 
   The lights were low and dim 
         Am      G 
“How are you?” he asked of me 
      D                             G 
And I asked the same of him 

Am                    G      C/G G  C/G G 
   I went down to the lobby 
Am                      G      C/G G  C/G G 
   To make a small call out 
Am                           G  
   A pretty dancing girl was there 
And she began to shout 

      D               G    
Go on back to see the gypsy 
       Am              G 
He can rid you of your fear 
   Am            G 
He did it in Las Vegas 
And he can do it here 

        F                  G    C/G G   
Oh, the lights were on the river 
F               G     C/G G   
Shining from outside 
  F            G 
I contemplated ev’ry move 
F                          F break 
Or at least I tried 

       D       D       G    C/G G  C/G G  C/G G  C/G G   
I went back to see the gypsy 
       Am           G    C/G G  C/G G   
It was nearly early dawn 
    Am               G 
The gypsy’s door was open  
But the gypsy was gone 

         D              G    C/G G   
And that pretty dancing girl 
    Am               G    C/G G   
Oh, she could not be found 
     C           C/B      Am 
So I watched the sun come rising 
In a little Minnesota town 

| Am | % | % | % | 
repat and fade 

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