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Oh Sister

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	  This song is from Dylan's 1976 album 'Desire'. 
Albums: Originally released 'Desire' 1976. 
1976-Hard Rain, (Live) 
1979-Live At Budokan 

Intro: G C BM C G 

G         BM           C             G 
Oh sister when I come, to ly in your arms. 

G              BM              C    G 
You should not treat me like a stranger. 

G          BM              C            G 
Our father would not like the way that you act, 

G            BM           C  G 
And you must realize the danger. 

Intro X2 
G          BM          C        G 
Oh sister am I not a brother to you. 
G        BM           C      G 
And one deserving of affection. 
G            BM                    C       G 
And is our purpose not the same on this earth, 
G             BM          C    G 
To love and follow his direction. 

Intro X5 

F          C                 G 
We grew up together from the cradle to the grave. 

F                  C                G         D      G           
We died and were reborn and left mysteriously saved 

G               BM          C           G    
Oh sister when I come to knock on your door 
G             BM         C      G 
Don't turn away, you'll create sorrow. 
G             BM         C            G 
Time is an ocean, but it ends at the shore. 
G         BM        C     G 
You may not see me tomorrow. 


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