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Obviously Five Believers Acordes

Bob Dylan

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Obviously Five Believers

Early in the mornin', early in the mornin' 
I'm callin' you to, I'm callin' you to 
Please come home 
Yes, I guess I could make it without you 
      D7                       A7 (riff 2x) 
If I just didn't feel so all alone 

Don't let me down ,don't let me down 
I won't let you down, I won't let you down 
No I won't 
You know I can if you can, honey 
But honey, please don't 

I got my black dog barkin', black dog barkin' 
Yes it is now, yes it is now 
Outside my yard 
Yes, I could tell you what he means 
If I just didn't have to try so hard 

Your mama's workin',your mama's moanin' 
She's cryin' you know, she's tryin' you know 
You better go now 
Well, I'd tell you what she wants if I 
But I just don't know how 

Fifteen jugglers, fifteen jugglers 
Five believers, five believers 
All dressed like men 
Tell your mama not to worry because 
Yes they're just my friends 

Early in the mornin', early in the mornin' 
I'm callin' you to, I'm callin' you to 
Please come home 
Yes, I could make it without you honey 
If I just did not feel so all alone 

E |-----------------------| 
B |-----------------------| 
G |-----------------------| 
D |-----0-2-0-------------| 
A |-0h2-------0h2-0-------| 
E |------------------3p0--| 

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