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Man Of Constant Sorrow

Áño: 1962 - Álbum: Bob Dylan

	  Man Of Constant Sorrow 
Bob Dylan 
  *   D           G                       C                                   D                  G  
       I am a man of constant sorrow	 And I?ve seen trouble all my days 
I?ll say goodbye to Colorado 
Where I was born and partly raised 
You mother said that I?m a stranger 
My face you?ll never see no more 
Oh there?s one promise darling 
I?ll see you on god?s golden shore 
Thru this open world I?m about to ramble 
Thru ice n? snow sleet and rain 
I?m about to ride that morning railroad 
Perhaps I?ll die upon that train 
I?m-a going back to Colorado 
The place that started from 
If I known the way they were about to treat me 
Honey I?d never would?ve come 
Hey everybody this here is another early Dylan song that is easy and fun to play. 
Let me explain the ?*? in the tab: When you see this you play I simple walk-dow 
 to go into the next part like this here. 
E --------------------------------- 
B --------------------------------- 
G --------------------------------- 
D --------------------------------- 
A -----3-2-0----------------------- 
E --------------------------------- 
And that?s it! Have fun and enjoy! 


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