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Floater Too Much To Ask Acordes

Bob Dylan



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Floater Too Much To Ask

F7      F#º      F#7     F7 

verse 1 
F7           F7 
Down over the window 
Bb              Eb7       Bb 
Come the dazzling sunlit rays 
            F7                       F7 
Through the back alleys, through the blinds, 
           Bb            Ebm  Bb 
Another one of them endless days 

verse 2 

F7           F7 
Honey bees are buzzing 
Bb      Eb7       Bb 
Leaves begin to stir 
F7                       F7 
I'm in love with my second cousin 
           Bb              Ebm             Bb   A7 
I tell myself I could be happy forever with her. 

Bridge 1 

Dm                 A7 
I keep listening for footsteps, 
Dm                        Bb   A7 
But I ain't ever hearing any 
Dm                         A7 
From the boat, I fish for bullheads 
Dm            C/E             F    
I catch a lot, sometimes too many 

verse 3 

F7               F7 
A summer breeze is blowin', 
Bb        Eb7       Bb 
A squall is setting in. 
F7                       F7 
Sometimes it's just plain stupid 
Bb              Ebm       Bb 
To get into any kind of wind. 

Interlude 1 
F7      F#º      F#7     F7 

verse 4 
F7                                           F7 
Well, the old men 'round here sometimes they get on 
Bb              Eb7       Bb 
bad terms with the younger men, 
F7                           F7 
Old, young - age don't carry weight 
Bb              Ebm       Bb 
It doesn't matter in the end 

Verse 5 
F7                                            F7 
One of the bosses' hangers-on sometimes comes to call 
Bb           Eb7       Bb 
At times you least expect, 
F7                                                 F7 
Tryin' to bully you, strong-arm you, inspire you with fear. 
Bb           Ebm       Bb   A7 
It has the opposite effect 

Bridge 2 
Dm                                       A7 
There's a new grove of trees on the outskirts of town 
Dm                  Bb   A7 
The old one - long gone. 
Dm                       A7 
Timber, two foot six across, 
Dm            C/E        F    
Burns with the bark still on. 

Verse 6 
F7              F7 
They say times are hard, 
Bb                            Eb7       Bb 
If you don't believe it you can follow your nose. 
F7                                 F7 
It don't bother me, times are hard everywhere, 
Bb                Ebm           Bb 
We will just have to see how it goes. 

Interlude 2 
F7      F#º      F#7     F7 

Verse 7 
F7                             F7 
My old man he's like some feudal lord, 
Bb          Eb7       Bb 
Got more lives than a cat. 
F7                                             F7 
I've never seen him quarrel with my mother even once. 
Bb              Ebm             Bb 
Things come alive or they fall flat. 

Verse 8 
F7                       F7 
You can smell the pine wood burnin' 
Bb                Eb7       Bb 
You can hear the school-bell ring. 
F7                                F7 
Got to get up near the teacher, if you can 
Bb              Ebm       Bb   A7 
If you wanna learn anything. 

Bridge 3 
Dm                                       A7 
Romeo, he said to Juliet, "You got a poor complexion 
Dm                                              Bb   A7 
It don't give you an appearance of a youthful touch." 
Dm                                       A7 
Juliet said back to Romeo, "Why don't you just shove off 
Dm         C/E        F    
If it bothers you so much." 

Verse 9 
F7                                   F7 
They all got out of here any way they could - 
Bb              Eb7       Bb 
Cold rain can give you the shivers. 
F7                                           F7 
They went down the Ohio, the Cumberland, the Tennessee, 
Bb              Ebm          Bb 
All the rest of them rebel rivers. 

Interlude 3 
F7      F#º      F#7     F7 

verse 10 
F7                                               F7 
If you ever try to interfere with me, or cross my path again, 
Bb                    Eb7       Bb 
You do so at the peril of your own life. 
F7                                  F7 
I'm not quite as cool or forgiving as I sound, 
Bb                Ebm            Bb 
I've seen enough heartache and strife. 

verse 11 
F7                       F7 
My grandfather was a duck trapper 
Bb                    Eb7            Bb 
He could do it with just dragnets and ropes 
F7                                            F7 
My grandmother could sew new dresses out of old cloth, 
Bb                 Ebm                  Bb   A7 
I don't know if they had any dreams or hopes. 

Bridge 4 
Dm                        A7 
I had 'em once though I suppose 
To go along with all the ring dancing, 
                            Bb            A7 
Christmas Carols on all the Christmas Eves 
Dm                        A7 
I left all my dreams and hopes 
Dm            C/E        F    
Buried under tobacco leaves 

verse 12
F7                            F7 
Not always easy kicking someone out, 
Bb                  Eb7                Bb 
Got to wait awhile, it can be an unpleasant task. 
F7                                       F7 
Sometimes somebody wants you to give something up 
Bb                   Ebm            Bb 
And, tears or not, it's too much to ask. 

F7      F#º      F#7     F7 Bb6 

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