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Belle Isle Acordes

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Belle Isle

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	      C                         F 
One evenin', for pleasure, I rambled to view 
     C          G      C 
The fair fields all alone, 
Down by the banks of Loch Erin, 
       G                         C 
Where beauty and pleasure were known. 
   Am                       Em 
I spied a fair maid at her labors, 
       Am                      G7 
Which caused me to stay for a while, 
       C                          Em 
And I thought of this goddess of beauty, 
  F                            C 
Bloomin' bright star of Belle Isle. 
             Am            Em 
I humbled my self to her beauty. 
       F                    C 
"fair maiden where do you belong? 
              Am          Em 
Are you from heaven descended, 
   F                      G7 
A biding in Cupid's fair throne?" 
       Am                     Em 
"young man i will tell you a secret. 
     Am                      Em 
It's true I'm a maid that is poor 
        C                         Am 
And to part from my vows and my promise, 
        F                       Fm 
That's more then my heart can endure." 
        C                      Am 
"there fore, I remain at my service, 
         Em                          G7 
And go through all my hard ship and toil, 
     C            Em             Am 
And wait for the lad that has left me 
       F           G              C 
All alone on the banks of Belle Isle." 
       Em                       G 
        C         Am           Em 
"Young maiden, I wish not to banter. 
      F                      C 
'Tis true I come here in disguise. 
         Am                Em        Am 
I came to fulfill our last promise, 
     Dm                  G7 
And hope to give you a surprise." 
       Am                          G 
"I've known you're a maid I love dearly 
            Am         Em             G7 
And you've been in my heart all the while. 
    C           Em        Am 
For me there is no other damsel 
          F              G               C 
Than my blooming bright star of Belle Isle." 

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