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El Paso

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     C                C7+         C    C 
For weeks I`ve had my breakfast alone 
    C                 C7+             Dm     Dm 
My heart feels like a bucket full of stones 
 F             Fm            C              C 
You took your suitcase and stepped out the door 
    C           C7+           C   C 
Without a word, why and what for 

It seems like yesterday 
You`d promissed, you would always stay 
We dreamt of a place, where we would be free 
You said: "El Paso is, where we wanna be."

        F          F          Am        Am 
If you fly in the sky, if you sit in a train 
        F      F                  Am     Am 
If the sun is shining or if it`s raining 
        F      F   C             C 
If the sky is blue or if it is grey 
   F         Am            C   C 
Remember, El Paso is far away 

Always we wanted to look 
On the back of the coins we took 
But we flew too high, burnt our wings in the sun 
Too late to repair, what we´d done 

At night, when I´m lying awake 
I´m thinking of all my mistakes 
My eyes had gone blind, I didn´t see it coming 
But I´d give all to make it undone 

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