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Blind Melon


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Áño: 1992 - Álbum: Live at the Palace

(Blind Melon)

Tono:  Am Más
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	  Intro:  Am E7 Am E7 Am E7 C 
 Am    E7     Am     E7     Am     E7     C
   Woo    hoo    woo   hoo,    woo    hoo
(Repeat again)
Am             E7               Am          E7     
   All these people they would leave me alone
            Am          E7           C
And we need,   a little time to our--selves
Am                E7               Am               E7
   And half the reasons why I?m sketching all the time
Fm7          E7                  C
   The result  of a life in this    hell
But oh well, I think it?s time 

Am     Fmaj7   E7  Am   F  E7
Am             E7              Am            E7
  My faith is falling like the leaves from a tree
Am            E7           C
  The pockets both take it away
Am                E7
 The sun warms my body as I?m
Am           E7            
Sittin? on a swing watching
Am         E7                  C 
  Columbus clouds bring in the rain    oh well
Fmaj7                    Am   
       I think it?s time
Fmaj7  E7  Am  Fmaj7    E7                Am
                        think its time to go
Fm7  E7  Am Fm7  E7
   D          A                 D          A
***My mind is playing tricks on me all the time
D          A              E
To let you know that I am real
D           A                 D              A
And all the worries you build up inside your soul
D             A                     E
The ones that make your world stand still...
             Am   Fmaj7           E7      Am
Mean you can feel,      that it?s time to go..
Fmaj7  E7  Am   No chord 
                Are you fed up,  Are you fed up with me?
Do you think you could do better?
Five fed up faces with the itch to kill a king
Blood red sunshine, and a breath to air that?s clean
I drink from the faucet
From the porch I take a pee
I look at you through the bushes
Where you can?t see me
(Same part as ***)
I laugh and slip into another state of mind
To let you know that I am real
And all the worries you build up inside your soul
The ones that make your world stand still
Means you can feel, that it?s time to go
End with: Fmaj7  E7  Fmaj7  E7  D  Am  D Am

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