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For Anything Less

	  B E B F# B 

B                    E      Eb   B 
last night you went away to be alone 
B                  E   Eb               B 
and I trembled but I didn't shake too long 
E               F#   Eb           B   E   Ebm      E 
I know so many arms that are waiting just to hold you 
B                     F#      Bbm   Bb       B 
but no one could want to hold you more than me 
B               E         Abm   Eb   B             E 
If I could win your love again someday 
Eb            BF#  B 
you know i would, i'd try my best 
B          E      Abm              Ebm    E              B          E 
but I've looked around and I don't think that i can settle 
Abm      B     F#                 B 
for anything less, for anything less 

E B E B F# B 

B          E        Eb          B 
I was stranded down in New Orleans 
B                E          B               E 
I was wandering down the streets alone 
            B          F#    Eb          B                  E 
you know i wish it could've been just a bad dream 
Dbm    B                      F#            B 
cause I'm about to chew my fingers to the bone 
F#            E    B      F#          B 
take me back the way I am cause you can't change me 
B       A E    B                         F#  
I can't even change myself I know I've tried 
B                             E            B         Dbm   E  B   E 
and I've looked around and I don't think that I can settle 
Abm       B                 F#     B                 E 
for anything less, for anything less, for anything less. 

B                     Bm                                D 

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