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Women Know

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Main riff D G e|-------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------| G|-2-------2----2-4-2--0---------------------------| D|------------------------4------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------|
Intro: 3x D G D G D G D After many phone calls from all sides G (G) A D G D G To anyone who falls along and still has her in mind D G D G Man everything, gonna turn out fine D G (G) A D G Right away I know that nothings gonna change my mind C Em A D Cause when a man of the middle life falls in love he justifies it F# Bm A Women of middle life falls in love she does right by it D G Fine and true its all the same to you D G But if I'm right don't just deny it Bridge: D G 2x D G D G Once before, and once again D G D Now we'll never know its real Bm How do you think that makes me feel D G When a man's in love he justifies Bm G When a man feels pain he tries to hide it D G D G And a women knows, women know C Em A D If all things are quite silent in her head and in her heart F# Bm A If alone we are together we'll fall apart D G Fine and true its all the same to you, D G (4x D G ) But if I'm right then this is how and when and where love starts

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