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Most Of All

Áño: 1970 - Álbum: B.J. Thomas - Greatest Hits [Rhino]

(Buddy Buie-J.R. Cobb)

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Intro: A  
Hello darling my, it's good to hear you	  
     E7                   D       E7           A	  
I'm at the railroad station,       in St. Paul	  
How are all the folks, I'd love to see 'em	  
      Dm               E7                    A	  
But girl I'd love to see you most of all	  
Well I've been staring at the rain and I've been thinking	  
E7                  D      E7           A	  
Ever since the train, left Montreal	  
Thought I'd always love this life I'm living	  
      Dm              E7                    A	  
But now I know I love you most of all	  
         F#m                          C#m	  
Many times before, I know I swore 	  
       D           E7            A	  
That I'd come home to stay	  
         F#m                            C#m	  
But it always seems, that the foolish dreams	  
       D            Bm    E7    Bb  
And trains got in my way 	  
Tomorrow there will be snow in Minnesota	  
      F              Eb                      Bb   	  
But I won't be around, to watch it fall	  
I'll be heading for that old, familiar station	  
Ebm                 F                       Bb	  
Hoping you still love me, most of all	  
Ebm                 F                       Bb  Cm	  
Girl you know I love you, most of all	  
               F      Eb              Bb  Cm	  
I miss ya baby,       most of all         	  
               F      Eb              Bb 	F Bb  
I miss ya baby,       most of all...         	  


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