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Everybody's Out Of Town

Áño: 1970 - Álbum: B.J. Thomas - Greatest Hits [Rhino]

(Burt Bacharach-Hal David)

Intro: G Am G Am G  

                       B7      Em  
Where have the people gone  
                           Em7     D        Cmaj7  
Seems like there's no one hangin' on  
C                                         G  
Look through the window, the houses are empty  
Am  Cm                    G  
Hey,        everybody's out of town  
Am             Cm                   G                D7  
Seems like,        I'm the only one around  
G              B7          Em  
All of the streets are bare  
             Em7    D  Cmaj7  
No traffic tie-ups anywhere  
C                                 G  
Don't have to wait for, a seat at the movie  
Am  Cm                     G  
Hey,         everybody's out of town  
Am             Cm                   G  
Seems like,        I'm the only one around  
Am                            G                      Am  
Everyone's moved out, from the ghetto, lots of space  
F#m                      Bm     
Empty apartments, no more pollution  
Am                            D  
Plenty of classrooms, everyplace  
Am             D  
And it looks like we're ready  
G           B7          Em  
To give it one more try  
                        Em7   D Cmaj7  
This time there'll be no alibi  
C                              G  
I'm gonna send out, a message to noah  
Am  Cm                             G  
Hey,        better send some people down  
Am               F          G              Am G Am G  
Everyone on earth, is out of town...  


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