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You May be Right

Áño: 1997 - Álbum: Billy Joel Greatest Hits: Vol. 1-2 (2CD)

(Billy Joel)

	  Intro: A   (4x)   

friday night i crashed your party,       
saturday i said i'm sorry   
 A                               E   
sunday came and trashed me out again.   
i was only having fun,      
wasn't hurting anyone   
             E                       A   
and we all enjoyed the weekend for a change.   INTRO x(2)   

i've been stranded in the combat zone,    
i walked through bedford sty alone   
A                              E   
even rode my motorcycle in the rain.   
and you told me not to drive,      
but i made it home alive   
       E                               A   
so you said that only proves that i'm insane.   
E you may be right, A i may be crazy E D F#m but it just may be a lunatic A you're looking for E turn out the light, A don't try to save me D E you may be wrong for all i know, A intro (4x) but you may be right.
A AH..remember how i found you there, A alone in your electric chair A E i told you dirty jokes until you smiled. Bm you were lonely for a man, G i said take me as i am E A 'cause you might enjoy some madness for a while.   A now think of all the years you tried A to find some one to satisfy you A E i might be as crazy as you say. Bm if i'm crazy then it's true, G that it's all because of you E A and you wouldn't want me any other way. chorus lead break (same chords as verse) A (24) E Bm G E A chorus A you may be wrong, but you may be right (6th one music stops at "may")

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