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Detour Ahead

Cm7   F#(13)  B7 
Smooth road, clear day 

      Fm7     Em7  Am 
But why am I the only one 

D7                 Dm7  G7 
trav'ling this way? 

Gm7                   C7                          Fm7 Bb(13) 
How strange the road to love should be so easy, 

Cm7               Am7      Ab(13) Dm7 G7 
Can there be a detour ahead? 

Cm7 F#(13) 
Wake  up,  

slow down, 

    Fm7     Em7         Am 
Before you crash and break your heart, 

D7          Dm7 G7 
Gullible clown, 

Gm7                   C7                  Fm7        Bb(13) 
 You fool, you're headed in the wrong direction. 

Cm7               Am  F#m7 
Can't you see the detour ahead? 

B7      Em 
   The further you travel, 
      B7                              Em7 
the harder to unravel the web 
                   F#m7      B7 
she spins around you; 
turn back while there's time, 
can't you see the danger sign? 
        Em7             Db(13) 
soft shoulders surround you. 

Cm7    F#(13)  B7 
smooth road,   clear night, 

     Fm7  Em7      Am  
Oh lucky me that suddenly  

D7           Dm7 G7 
i saw the light; 

Gm7               C7                    Fm7    Bb 
    i'm turning back away from all this trouble, 

Cm7    E7 
smooth road, 

Am7      Eb9 
smooth road, 

     D7     G7sus 
no detour  

G7    Cm7 (G7) 
 A  -  head. 

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