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World Started Turning Acordes

Bill Canyon

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World Started Turning

Capo en el 3er traste
	   C Am F G 
On the road again, you?re on my mind 
Long time since we last talked 
Long time since you were in my life 
Then my phone rang and I saw your name 
Couldn?t imagine you would call 
Couldn?t imagine it could be the same- and 
My world started turning My heart was always burning When I found out from your call You?d come back to me My world started turning and My heart was always burning for you
2 Finally home again you?re on my mind Long time since I held you close Long time since I looked in your eyes You changed my world when you made that call Couldn?t believe that this was all true Couldn?t believe that you would be here soon ? and Chorus Instrumental break Bridge We had been apart for so long My world had gone so very wrong Until you made that call Could my world start turning at all??and Chorus

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