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Beyonce Knowles



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I'm in my penthouse half naked 
I cooked this meal for you naked 
So where the hell you at 
Just one shot left of this drink, in this glass 
Don't make me break it 
I wish that you were me 
So you could feel this feeling 
I never broke one promise, and I know when you're not honest 
Now you got me yelling that's because I'm jealous 

If you keeping your promise, I'm keeping mine 
Oh I'm jealous 
If you keeping your promise, I'm keeping mine 
Oh I'm jealous 

Sometimes I want to walk in your shoes 
Do the type of things that I never ever do 
So I take one look in the mirror and I say to myself 
Baby girl you can't survive like this 

verse 2: 
Take it one step further 
Freakum dress out my closet 
'Yonce fillin' out this skirt 
I look damn good I ain't lost it 
And I ain't missed a beat 
Boy you been hanging out at tonight 
I'm staying out 'til tomorrow 
Dancing on them tables ain't got no cares, no sorrow 
I ran into my ex 
Said what up to his besties 
Now we reminiscing how we used to flex in Texas 
Don't be jealous 



And I hate you for your lies and your covers 
And I hate us for making good love to each other 
And I love making you jealous but don't judge me 
And I know I'm being hateful but that ain't nothing 
That ain't nothing 
I'm just jealous 
I'm just human 
Don't judge me 

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