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Life Is Calling Acordes

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Life Is Calling

	  Intro: A#, Em7/5- (2x) 

A#                                Em7/5- 
Sunday morning, The worlds still sleeping and the 

A#                               Em7/5- 
rain keeps falling, like angels weeping and I, 

D                                 Gm 
I feel the tears on my skin, 

                        F                      C       Cm7 
Their trying to tell me something, I listen.. 

Blues and yellows, Tap on my window so I 
let the night go. With all my shadows and I, 
I feel the sun on my skin, 
It's trying to tell me something, I listen.. 

Gm D# Life is calling, life is calling A# F Life is calling out my name. Gm D# Make it matter, Say it louder, A# F Stay alive another day. C# C7 A# Life is calling out my name.
Perfect houses, With good intentions, where the happy family, hide their broken dishes and I I hear the scars on my skin, Their trying to tell me something, And I listen.. {Chorus} Break: D# A# It's the wind over the ocean, D# A# It's the secrets in the sand. F Gm It's all trying to tell me something, C D# So I'm listening.. Solo: Gm, D#, A#, F (2x) {Chorus} Gm, Life is calling D# Life is calling A#, Life is calling F Life is calling out my name

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