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Áño: 2005 - Álbum: Songs For Silverman

Tono:  Em Más
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	  Intro- Em 
    Em                      D          G 
  The old bastard left his ties and a suit, 
  D          G     D              G       C                       D 
    a brown box, mothballs, and bowling shoes. 
    Em                    D              G 
  And his opinion so you never have to choose 
  D         G           D         G     C      
    pretty soon, you'll be an old bastard too. 
    You get smaller while the world gets big, 
    the more you know you know you don't know shit, 
  Am                                               C 
    the wis-man will never fit you like the wis-kid did. 
       G            D           Em           D     C 
  So, why ya gotta act like ya know when ya don't know? 
  Am          C                                
    It's okay, if you don't know everything.   
Solo starts on G. 


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