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The Penalty Acordes




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The Penalty

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Intro: F  C Em F C Em F 

F                C      Em     F 
Like an ancient day and I'm on trial 
F                   C         Em          F 
Let them seize the way, this once was an island 
    G           C        F     C 
And I could not stay for I believed them 
G            C        F       C 
Left for the lights always in season 

(F C Em F C Em F) 

F          C          Em       F 
Impassable night in a crowd of homesick 
F            C         Em              F 
Fully grown children, you'll leave the lights 
     G              C          F          C 
Your family may not wait, Sir, keep on believing 
    G                C         F       C 
Our parents rue the day, they find us kneeling 

G                        C        F            C 
Let them think what they may, for they've good reason 

G            C        F       C 
Left for the lights always in season 

(G C F C G C F C) 

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