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La Llorona Acordes




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La Llorona

Intro: Cm Gm G# D# 

Cm                Gm  
Ever away from seeing more than life  
      G#                 F  
The morning lies miles away from the night  
Cm                Gm  
No man ever could steal her heart  
               G#                        D#  
But with bright gold coins, I'll take my shot  

Cm                     Gm 
And all it takes to fall  
G#                                          D# 
If you don't walk, might as well crawl  

(Cm  Gm  G#  D#) 2x 
(Cm  Gm  G#  D#) 1x 

Cm                Gm 
All it takes to fall 
G#                          D#  
What a quiet world after all 
Cm                               Gm 
Of the things that you guessed will come  
G#                               D# 
What a moment it was after all  

(Cm  Gm  G#  D#) 2x 

Termina em Cm 


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