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Secret Love

Áño: 1998 - Álbum: Love Songs

Tono:  D Más
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	  D 	   Em 
When do I Cry  
This breaking heart 
Just hurts me more 
A	     F#m 
When we're apart 
Bm	      Em 
And there are two of us 
With our secret love 
D                           G	     D 
Sleep pretty baby while you wait so long 
D		G	   A	     D 
Living with a love that's not just make believe 
	A        G	  A	  D 
Lonely night, I see your candle glow 
And in my mind, I trace 
Together we can take away the time and the space 
E			    A 
Baby when you got a secret love  
	      B		   G#m 
Every little touch is not enough  
	      C#m	   F#m 
Every little moment we're apart  
Is pain to me  
E			     A 
Maybe we can find some hideaway  
            B		    G#m 
Everybody knows but who can say  
	      C#m	    F#m 
Secretly you know I'd follow  
	     B		   E 
Anywhere to make you happy 
Anyway you want me I'll be  
  A	  E 
Standing by  
E	       A	B 
I don't wanna lose the one  
I hunger for  
      B		 A	 
Naked eyes,they watch us  
B	E 
Nowhere to run, I cry  
Everything to lose and no alibi 
Chorus E 


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