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I Held A Party

	  G        D                G     
I held a party and nobody came 
C      D  G      D 
Strangely I was upset 
G            D                          G     
Poured out a drink and then Birkworth approached 
C   D   G       D 
Saying "Have no regrets" 

G          C              A 
Maybe your gentle friends had some delay 
                          Em       C   Dm   C 
Don't try and take on the world 

G        D                G     
Made up my bed and decided to sleep 
C      D  G      D 
Dreaming I was awake 
G        D                G     
Maybe I drank in excess of my drink 
C      D  G      D 
Nice clan cordial crowd 

G          C              A 
Birkworth suggested we sleep through the night 
                    Em     C   Dm   C 
I never knew him so well   Ahh ahh ahh 

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