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Home Again Rivers Acordes

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Home Again Rivers

	  A                             Bm 
You took it in your stride to run away and hide 
     C#m             F#m            D                A      E 
Thru all the pain of battle and the breaking of your pride. 
A                                Bm 
Sweet Billy James's been asking where you've gone. 
     C#m          F#m                    D             A      E  
It's been so many years now since you've taken off the gun. 

          A                           Bm 
Well, the grass is getting dry and it seems your name they're calling;  
     C#m             F#m            D                A      E 
The rain, it hasn't fallen, only tears shed from our eyes. 
A                             Bm 
They say there isn't rain in the hills of West Virginia,  
     C#m             F#m            D                A      E 
But dying isn't in ya but the rhinestone bears your name. 

           A                          Bm 
You're the father of your child but your mind just seems to wander,  
     C#m             F#m            D                A      E 
Let no man hold you under while your heart is running wild. 
A                             Bm 
And I've searched so many towns and I've roamed so many places,  
     C#m             F#m            D                A      E 
I've seen so many faces but I've never known your own. 

Well, there's gonna be a day when your drinking wine is through now,  
And the people close to you now will have you here to stay. 

Home again rivers, home again rivers, 
     A          E       B7           E 
Come home again rivers, Billyâ??s come home. 

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