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Blackwood Hill

In my mind I see a picture and my thoughts begin to roam 
to the rollin hills and valleys that surround my childhood home 
	F#m				B7				E 
I can almost smell the flowers growing wild along the track down to the stream. 
I hear grandpa telling stories sitting on the front porch swing 
scattered all around are pages of the songs that I would sing 
    F#m				  B7 
and there I am cross legged with a dream 
I'd sing coat of many colours, I knew every word by heart 
and I'd fumble through the changes on an old flat top guitar 
	F#m			     A	           B7		   E 
make believe the city hills rolled into the smokey mountains tennessee. 
I'd swap bubble gum for curtain calls with other kids my age 
and the shows would last for hours on the Opry tree house stage 
	F#m	                        B7		    E 
and the dreams of little children echoe still, on Blackwood hill. 
I recall the day I packed my bags and waved Blackwood goodbye 
rowlden hills were in my rear view mirror, stars were in my eyes 
and I traded hairbrush microphones and tree house shows for lights and centre stage. 
sometimes the road I lived on leads me back to my old world 
on the front porch of my childhood home sits a little girl 
her innocence helps me turn back the page,  
A	      G#m	     F#m             E 
Every day was full of music, family and best friends. 
A		G#m		  F#m		B7 
troubles of the world erased, by games of lets pretend. 
     	   F#m		                 B7		     E 
The little girl inside of me is dreaming still, on blackwood hill. 

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