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Oblivion Acordes




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	  VERSE 1: 
     Bb  F     C  
When you fall asleep,  
Bb        F  
with your head,  
 Dm       C  
upon my shoulder.  
Bb          F     C  
When you're in my arms,  
Bb         F     Dm         C  
but you've gone somewhere deeper.  

Bb F Dm Are you going to age with grace? Bb F Dm C Are you going to leave a path that joins? Bb F Dm Are you going to age with grace? Bb F Dm C Or only to wake and hide your face. Bb F Well..oh, oblivion. Bb F Is calling out your name. Dm Bb You always take it further, Bb F than I ever can.
VERSE 2; Bb F C When you play it harder, Bb F C and I try to follow you there, Bb F C It's not about control, Bb F C But I turn back when I see where you go. CHORUS

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