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Never Alone

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	  Standard Tuning   NEW BAND!!!!
intro (piano)
Em        C        D         B

Em              C      G     D
i waited for you,      today
but you didnt show,    no no no
I needed you           today
so where did you go
you told me to call
said you'd be there
and though i havent seen you
G       A     B
are you still there?

Em      C        G    A
I cried out with no reply
    C      G        A     B
and i cant feel you by my side
Em           C        G      A
so i'll hold tight to what i know
C                   A    B 
you're here, and im never alone

(same as first verse)
And though i cannot see you
and i cant explain why
such a deep deep reassurance
you've placed in my life   oh

we cannot seperate ,
your part of me
and though your invisible i'll
trust the unseen


Guitar bridge (just chorus chords)



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