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Baillie & The Boys

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        A                        E 
I don't want half hearted love affairs 
           A              E 
I need someone who really cares 
            A                   C#m 
Life is too short to play silly games 
             A    B                E   
I promised myself I won't do that again 
A B E It's got to be-e-e-e perfect A B E It's got to be-e-e-e worth it A C#m A B E Too many people take second best but I won't take anything less A B E It's got to b-e-e-e perfect
Young hearts are foolish they make such mistakes They're much too eager to give their love away Well, I have been foolish too many times And now I'm determined I'm gonna get it right Chorus Solo Chorus ______________________ Tabbed By Larry Mofle [email protected]

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