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Bad Religion

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Latch Key Kids

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

Intro: C G D# A# F x4 
D#              A#                C 
in this world today there ain't nobody to thank, 
just blame it on the kids and toss 'em into the tank. 
and if they yell for justice we'll hide them from the light 
so that when they learn the truth they won't be scared of the night. 
C G D# A# F 
(1, 2, 3, 4) 
put the key in the hole when you get home from school. 
I'll be home by 8:30, your father will too. 
if you cause any trouble then I don't want to see, 
'cause you'll go straight to bed and you won't have no TV. 
Contribuição: Thiago Ramires([email protected]) 


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