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(The Reverend Tholomew Plague)

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C F e|-------------------------|---------------------12-12-12--| B|-13-12-13----------------|-11-11-11--13-13-13------------| G|----------13-9-12-13-12--|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------|-------------------------------| A|-------------------------|-------------------------------| E|-------------------------|-------------------------------|
(base) (piano solo)
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C F e|----------------5------------------------------------| B|-5----------5-6---8--5---------6-5---------8-8--6-6-5| G|-5-----5-------------5-----5-------5-------5-5--5-5-5| D|-5---5---5-----------5---5---5-------5--3------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------|
C Now I think I understand F How this world can overcome a man C Like a friend we saw it through F In the end I gave my life for you ( C F ) (Intro) C Gave you all I had to give F Found a place for me to rest my head C While I may be hard to find F Heard there's peace just on the other side
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C G# e|-----------|--------8--| B|--------9--|------9---9| G|------9---9|----8------| D|---10------|-10--------| A|-10--------|-----------| E|-----------|-----------|
C Not that I could G# Or that I would C Let it burn G# Under my skin C Let it burn (intro) C Left this life to set me free F Took a piece of you inside of me C All this hurt can finally fade F Promise me you'll never feel afraid
F Not that I could C Or that I would F Let it burn C Under my skin F Let it burn
(depois do refrão)
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e|------------|----------|------------|------------|----------|------------|------------|------------| B|---------9-8|-------9-8|---------9-8|---------9-8|-------9-8|---------9-8|---------9-8|---------9-8| G|-------8----|-----8----|-------8----|-------8----|-----8----|-------8----|-------8----|-------8----| D|-10-10------|-9-9------|------------|------------|----------|------------|------------|------------| A|------------|----------|-11-11------|-10-10------|-8-8------|------------|------------|-10-10------| E|------------|----------|------------|------------|----------|-11-11------|-10-10------|------------| e|-------------|-----------|------------|--------------------------------| B|---------10-8|-------10-8|-------12-10|-8-10---------------------------| G|-------9-----|-----9-----|-----9------|------7-9-10---9---10-9-7-5-4--7| D|-10-10-------|-9-9-------|-7-7--------|--------------------------------| A|-------------|-----------|------------|--------------------------------| E|-------------|-----------|------------|--------------------------------|
(final) C F C Am I hope its worth it, here on the highway, yeah C F G I know youll find your own way when Im not with you C F C Am So tell everybody, the ones who walk beside me, yeah C F G C I know youll find your own way when Im not with you tonight C F C Am I hope its worth it, whats left behind me, yeah C F G I know you’ll find your own way when Im not with you C F C Am So tell everybody, the ones who walk beside me, yeah C F G C I know youll find your own way when Im not with you tonight

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