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The Outsiders Acordes


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The Outsiders


	  (intro 5x) Dm Bb A 

Dm             Bb                       A 
We can walk in straight lines, we can't see quite right 
Dm                          Bb 
We've lost the plot, and we can't get it back 
        A                    Dm              Bb A 
So lets lose ourselves, lets lose ourselves 
                 Dm             Bb  A 
Can you spot the English here? 

Let's pick a fight on whomever we like, cause we're never wrong 
Nobody likes us, we don't care, so let's lose ourselves 
Let's lose ourselves 
Can you spot the English here? 

(Refrão 2x) 
                   Bb                       C/G                F       Bb 
We can see it for real, but it doesn't make sense, were the outsiders 
                    Bb                      C/G 
We can see all this speech, come staggering out 
            F                     Bb 
And we can climbs its way to the top of that cloud 
Bb                 C/G          F                 Bb 
I'm away with the fairies now, I'm away with the fairies now 

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