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One For The Road


Em C Am 

From the bottom of your heart, the relegation zone 
I saw this coming from the start 
The shake rattle and roll 
The cracks in blackout blinds cast patterns on the ceiling 
But you're feeling fine 
I thought it was dark outside 
I thought it was dark outside 

Em C Am (One for the road) So we all get back to yours and you sit and talk to me on the floor There's no need to show me round baby I feel like I've been here before I've been wonderin' whether later when you tell everybody to go Will you pour me one for the road?
Verse Em C Am I knew this would be on the cards I knew you wouldn't fold I saw this comin' from the start The shake rattle and roll Chorus Em C Am Bridge C Em (3x) C B7 The mixture hits you hard Don't get that sinking feeling Don't fall apart Some out of tune guitar Soundtrack to disaster Breakdown Em C Am Solo C Em Chorus C Em (3x) C B7

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