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Beautiful Monster

Em   D    C   G 

Em                D 
Beautiful monster You look like an angel 
C                     G 
But there's only evil beneath that skin 
Em                D 
Beautiful monster you look like an angel 
C                  D 
Act like the devil you're soaked in sin 
D         Em 
Beautiful monster 

C                 D 
Beautiful monster like a black widow 
C                     G        Em 
Shiny and perfect you hypnotize 
C                 D 
Beautiful monster caught in your web now 
C              B 
I wish I never looked into those eyes 
beautiful monster 

D               Em      D                               Em 
Oh my beautiful monster I loved you then and I love you still 
         C                        D 
But your hunger is too strong and nobody lasts too long 
          C             B                   Em 
You can't help yourself you move in for the kill 

Em                D 
Beautiful monster you are no angel 
C                         G 
Your teeth are sharp your eyes black like the night 
Em              D 
Your fingernails like buzzard talons 
C                 D                            Em 
Your venom deadly like an old king cobras bite 

C                     D 
Still I will love you love you forever 
C                 G 
Forever I will be under your spell 
C                D 
Beautiful monster you look like an angel 
C                       B 
Thought this was Heaven but it was only Hell 

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