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Áño: 1993 - Álbum: Holy Land/Angels Cry

	    D           Gm/D  
  This time I wanna know
         D           Bb7/D    Em7     
  what life means to live it again
  D               gm/D
  I'm looking for ward feel
        D               Bb7/D Em7
  the light shine in my eyes
  D          Gm/D             D     
  And now I know my stinets were
                 Bb7/D        Em7
   not wrong and many things can be done
   D            Gm/D
  I don't believe now,
               D     Bb7/D 
  that i'm dreaming alone.
  We're searching for the love
       Cadd9       G              D    Bb7/D
  That every one's got, but can't see, yeah
  Oh beyond the flesh and blood
          Cadd9           G       Bb7/D
  There's so much hiden behind as so
                  F       C
  much more we've gotta give
  D5                 D#5   
  Sanity brings up the sadness and keep
        Dm6              Bb
  your ilusions locked in a
      F    C    D5
  little box fright comes,
  you find yourself
  lonely in a cage of conclusions
                Bb    D5
  crowding your mind you sit back
           D#5                        Dm6
  bowing your head, every answer "Yes"
  why don't you trust
     Bb                F     C          Dm    
  me and shed out your fears running over
  The tears you've confained now cover up
  Dm6                       Bb
  your eyes "is it good for you"?
            Gm7              A7
  I will be here when fire burns!
  Dm               D#5
  Welcome on board over
  here is the ship of your live
            D#5       F     C      
  So rotten that will cast away
  I'll be your sweet
  Lullaby all the night and if
      Dm6                      Bb   
  you get lost you can hold my hand
            Gm7              A7       
  I will be here when fir eburns
  Bb           Gm7 
  Climb up the hills and mountains
  don't gold get what ou're learned!
  Dm            Am       Bb
  Live makes us feel the time
            E6   D5 
  we cannot hold time makes up
  Am                  E6
  live a tale already fold
  D5     A      Am
  Time makes us heal
  a Feeling in side a feeling
  that lies in our hearts
          Am      Bb
  that we stole a way.

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