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Sprouts Of Time

Áño: 2004 - Álbum: Temple of Shadows

	  Am                           G 
I lay my eyes in the past  
Am                                   G 
From the first day to the last  
Am          G                         F 
Several things we had to learn  
                      G                                E 
Countless mistakes from times of yore  
Dm         Am       G           F 
Now we restart, we recreate  
Dm      Am         G     F 
Your present is your fate  
Am                                       G 
Don't turn your backs on mankind!  
Am                                         G 
Only yourselves you wanna save 
Am             G                       F  
Ignorance burns just like a fire  
                       G                  E 
Consuming people on its flame  
Dm         Am       G         F 
Fellow creatures, so wonderful!  
Dm   Am      G           F 
So different and so grand  
F                C 
Sprouts of time  
         G       E 
The roots evolving  
         F                    C 
The seeds for the future  
              G             A 
were scattered yesterday  
F                                 C                      G     A 
Tomorrow's harvest field we plant today  
F                           C 
Your crown will ever last  
         G                A 
The tall trees of life  
(Life experience)  
Am              C                     E 
Break your shell reach the light!  
(Mind and soul)  
Am            C                E 
Find your path to the skies  
(Will come around on a thunder sound)  
Am                  C             E           F               A 
Raging with power and fury the new born world  
F                 C 
Sprouts of time  
         G         E 
The roots evolving 
          F                     C                     G 
The seeds from the past branching out  
Growing forever  
F                C 
Hands on heart  
     G                  E 
Embrace each other 
F                        C            G 
The dances, the faces, the smiles  
Behind the past  
F                                      C 
New seasons bring the chance  
             G     A 
To start again 
 F                      C 
Tall trees will ever last  
           G          A 
The circles of life 

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